Brick Breaker Revolution 3D

Brick Breaker Revolution 3D 1.1.10

Superb 3D breakout clone for iPhone


  • Impressive 3D graphics
  • Synthesized robot speech
  • Retains the playability of the original Breakout


  • Fiddly controls

Very good

Old classics like Breakout never die out, but over the years they do evolve into something far beyond the wildest imagination of the original developers.

If you'd told me 20 years ago that I'd one day be playing a 3D version of Breakout with strobe-style explosions and synthesized robot speech, I'd have called you an idiot. If you'd then added that I'd be doing this on my phone I would have called for the men in white coats. Luckily that didn't happen or I'd be scoffing down humble pie now, because 3D Brick Bricker delivers exactly the gaming experience I could never have dreamed up back in the day.

3D Brick Breaker is the best brick-busting game I've played on the iPhone, by a long way. From the creepy talking robot who introduces the game, to the gorgeously-crafted 3D environments, 3D Brick Breaker is a polished looking version of the old classic. This hasn't come at the expense of the gameplay, which is just as pulsating and addictive as the original Breakout game. If anything, the gameplay has been enriched by the addition of explosive power-ups such as guns, mines, lasers and fireballs, which help you bust up the blocks more quickly.

The controls in 3D Brick Breaker take a bit of getting used to, and it does feel a bit cumbersome at first. You can move the paddle by pressing the left and right arrows on either side of the screen. If you have headphones plugged in, access to the left arrow is a little uncomfortable because you don't have much room for maneuver. The alternative control system is to hold down the paddle itself and move from side-to-side, but this serves to impede your view of the ball.

Once you've mastered the controls though, 3D Brick Breaker proves to be an entertaining and visually spectacular game.

General optimization for the iOS 4.0/3.0 software and bug fixes to improve overall gameplay


  • General optimization for the iOS 4.0/3.0 software and bug fixes to improve overall gameplay
Brick Breaker Revolution 3D


Brick Breaker Revolution 3D 1.1.10

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